Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oh So Grateful

So, I am a pretty horrible facebooker. I did not do the Ice Bucket Challenge, I do not tag friends when there is some sort of "Beautiful Women Unite!" post, and I skipped over the "Three Days Grateful" challenge as well.

Then, I looked back on my last few years, and at a few times this year where I pointed out that I have not been focusing on the positive aspects of the world as I should, and I had a mental slam on the brakes.

It is, in fact, not a challenge to come up with things for which I am grateful. Perhaps, though, I do need to write them down. If worse comes to worst, maybe someone is reading this in the dark somewhere and he or she is encouraged to crawl out of the hole that encompasses their sides and top to whatever their bottom is. So there.

I am grateful that while I am far from perfect, I generally make sound decisions. My dad was probably the most logical, practical person to ever walk the planet. My mom can step back and see the big picture and prioritize with the best of them. Not a bad combo to inherit. On that note, however, I also inherited the "freak magnet" gene from my mom and the "talk to everybody within earsho" gene from my dad. Not as good a combo.

I am grateful for the ability to stand up for myself. Sometimes I am wrong. Sometime, the universe is wrong. But sometimes I am right, the universe is right, and the person disagreeing with me is wrong and treating me like crap. Back away slowly unless you want to be put in your place.

I'm grateful for pets. Not just mine, but pets in general. Humans are not a guarantee of unconditional love...people estrange from their parents, their children, their siblings, their best friends, their spouses, and even themselves. But a dog can get loose in the yard, run away, and come back several years later. They will, in fact. And when I did have pets, I did not need television.

I am grateful my cancer was caught in time. I may not have direction, but dammit I still have plenty of decorating to do. For my ten-year cancerversary this November, I am getting a super-cool tattoo. If you remind me then, I will be happy to show it off.

And as long as I'm waxing medical, I am grateful for the human body to repair itself and bounce back in a timely fashion.

I am grateful to have (relative) financial freedom. It gives me the chance to focus on doing my little teeny part in making sure a retail industry owned 90% by women succeeds. If they succeed, then I get rich. Everybody wins!

I am grateful to Trisha Malcolm, who opened some pretty darn amazing doors for me as I was writing my wee little column about the Chicago Knitting Scene.

I'm grateful for my super-tight circle and its fringe:  Alex, PJ, Peter, Andrea, Jesse, and the probably dozen shovel buddies who circle THAT group so I always am protected.

I am grateful for being able to do math in my head. And knowing the difference between some commonly confusing English words. and knowing a little science, a little history, a little art, and a little geography without being a know-it-all.

I am grateful for being left-handed. Built-in conversation topic at any table full of strangers for life.

While I wish at the time that some lessons were easier learned, I am grateful to have loved and lost. It gives me an excuse to chase that dangling carrot again...the chase is fun!

I am grateful that I do not have a mortgage.

I am grateful that people turn to me for advice in difficult situations. Whether it is because I'm trusted or because I have already lived two lifetimes,'s flattering.

I am grateful for my sense of direction. That comes in handy quite often.

I am grateful that I never lost the ability to see the world through a child's eyes, and even more grateful that I still pay all of my bills on time.

I am grateful for double-pointed needles. Screw you, magic come in handy but I get a great deal of satisfaction just from fiddling.

I am grateful for my voice, both literal and figurative. I miss making the congregation at St. Williams Parish on Sayer cry for no reason.

I am grateful for Babe Hiland, CJ's mother. For so many reasons.

Thank goodness I have good hair, green eyes, and tiny means that I can wake up late and still have the main parts of my head looking okay with minimal shallow work.

I am grateful that coffee is not, and will never be...banned due to its controlled-substance qualities.

I am grateful for free-will and living in a democracy. Separate from feeling that your vote is important, I am so thankful that I can have chocolate cake for breakfast any time I want.

Even though it used to creep me out, I am thankful for my angels and guides who talk to me. They know I am here to listen, and I know they are there to pull me through. Plus, they have sent so many people to me who just needed to get to their next level, whatever that may be.

I am grateful for seasons, sunsets, and other immeasurable beauties in nature for which we would lose appreciation if we knew we were going to live forever.

This is enough for are welcome to post why you are grateful in the comments instead of me tagging everyone on the planet that I know. Be well, find peace, and make your own destiny before someone else does. ...xoxo