Monday, July 9, 2012

Vacation Time!

Good morning, I get to say this for the first time in six months (and even THEN, I was packing up an Aveo and driving 1,100 miles almost in one day)....I'm on vacation!

From what?

My job, which has taken an incredibly odd turn.  My personal relationships with friends and family both old and new, which usually get re-evaluated on my vacations and then I forget everything I re-evaluated the day I go back to work.  Giving a crap about laundry.  Oh, to sum up, watch this video...

I think this will be a week of catching up.  Getting ahead may be asking a bit much, but catching up is reasonable...I'll get on the bike, I'll knit, I'll maybe get off the bike at some location where I have never been before, and maybe I'll knit some more.  I will get my financial affairs together, if there are any yet to get together (although I don't think there are any).  If not, I'll just get other people's financial affairs together!  Math...yay!

For now, though, I just watched my cat crawl into the couch.  Seriously.  Like a rat that can dislocate its shoulders.  Me seeing this live actually explains why I couldn't find him  for about six hours last week.

The Scarf Pattern of the Month for August is written and on the pattern repeat shouldn't take more than a day, so I'll know if the pattern works before shipping it off to Tiny E to test-knit for me.  I may write a few extra columns this month about knitting.  Go ahead and make your fun, but I LOVE yarn.  And being creative.  And the Chicago Blackhawks.  And these are just the THINGS I love!  I love people, too, but that's a conversation for tomorrow.  It's so rare that I'm shallow that today, I think I'll focus on things.

So yesterday, I met this cop who was patiently waiting for some lady to show up on a video, and we were basically small-talking while we waited.  Turns out he's the brother in law of a guy I knew about 17 years ago.  Because that's how small my world is.

Wait...I said I wasn't talking about people.

Anyway, also on my list this week is cleaning out my condo of history...the couple who are moving out I am sure have left an entire dog's worth of hair behind.  Not to mention a host of other substances I'd rather not think about, since they got me fined by the condo association for...wait for it...teaching their dog to pee off of the balcony and onto the building manager assistant's car.  By the way, the couple is double-college-educated and their combined income hovers around two-hundred grand.  I won't miss them.

Funny story...the guy who's moving out told me once he's not very handy.  He called me when I was still in Texas to tell me that the closet door was loose.  I asked him if he had a Phillips head screwdriver.  I told him to go ahead and place it on that top notch of the door, and twist it to the right.

Ooh!  Maybe I'll make some headway on the kimono sweater!  It's about six thousand miles of stockinette stitch, so it's not a very exciting knit.  But hopefully it will be cute.

Okay...enough rambling for the morning.  If you look for me over the next week and a half, I'll be somewhere.  Most likely thinking and doing and being.

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