Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Yarny Easter

Happy Easter, everyone!  As most of you know my "day" (well, "night") job, I'm a huge fan of commercialism.  If I am wishing you a happy (insert holiday), no matter what time of year, I am probably just encouraging you to eat chocolate in whatever shape it comes at that time of year.  December?  Have a chocolate tree!  Easter?  Bunnies and eggs!  Independence Day?  Sad but true...patriotic Peeps!

I woke up this morning thinking that I should use my column for a yarny public service.  I made one "bad" skein and one "good" skein of hand-dyed yarn using Easter egg dye, and I wrote a tutorial about it.  Keep in mind that tomorrow, these dyes go on sale for half off almost everywhere (as if $2.50 was too much to spend on dye in the first place), and the tablets last forever in a dry cupboard.  You may as well stock up and have some fun!  Here's what I did:

Then, I felted Axl's cat shrunk about 40%, which is a good size for my goofy cat.  Earlier today, he went outside and since the dogs were stalking the neighbor's dog, they were already on the hunt.  He came back inside with Penny drool on his neck and Bluto drool on his butt.  Here is his bed drying, anyway:

I think I am finished yarning for the day, since I have to go to work this evening. My to-do list has not shrunk, however...there is so much to do to get my life on track, but I'm feeling like I am at least heading in the correct direction.  Or directions.  Either way, all is good.  For now, it is time to watch the Blackhawks complete their annihilation of the Red Wings, pay some bills, maybe do laundry (although I think my washing machine is tired after the cat bed incident), and spend my next four days knitting while waiting for the Bensenville train to pass.

It is also nice enough outside where I should probably open the windows, lest my house smell like burnt vinegar for the next several days...

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