Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good News Good News Good News!

Many of you know that when I'm emphatic about something, I will utter a phrase in triplicate.  For instance, "Amy, do you want to have buffalo wings with a side of pulled pork for dinner?"

"No, no, and NO."

Well, I actually get to exhibit that trait in the positive today.  I got an email from a woman named Margaret Dunham, whose first word was "Congratulations."  Of course, this can go both ways...like all of you, I sometimes get an email that belongs in my spambox which starts out congratulating me, only to find that I won an international lottery in the amount of either a million pounds or a million euros, which I can't collect anyway because it's against the law for Americans to collect international lottery earnings.

Anyway, Ms. Dunham works for the Lion Brand Yarn Company, and she was congratulating me on being selected as...wait for it...a guest-blogger on the Lion Brand Notebook!  It was  my OH EMM GEEEEEE moment of the evening!  Lion Brand has 201,260 "likes" on facebook, 10,939 followers on Twitter, and let's face it...however many millions of people worldwide who visit their website for free patterns (and purchase-ones, as well).  One of the patterns I sell on Etsy is made with Lion Brand Vanna's Choice (it's the Waves and Warmth Shrug, in case you were wondering), and one of my current projects is on Lion Brand.  I just can't say enough nice things to say about them, really...sure I love my ridiculous luxury yarns, but in towns where there are no yarn stores, there is most likely a Walmart or a Joann Fabrics and a ball of Homespun with my name on it at either place.

Click here to read their most updated blog...I'm so excited and honored to be a part of their site for a post!  Now all I have to do is choose a topic.  Any and all suggestions are welcome!

Right now, I'm doing two shop samples.  Well, one...the other one is in my car, and it's not fair to say I'm doing it until it's actually cast on.  But in keeping with my big-needle-knit phase, it requires size 11 needles and I'm actually thinking of taking a break from the Schaefer scarf to finally (after four days, I am using the word "finally") start it.

But I can't seem to break up with the Schaefer long enough to do it.

I will probably update this blog tomorrow...there will be a new article in the Examiner.com website that I'll be posting, plus maybe I'll just knit with lightning-speed and finish both shop samples within the day.

Not likely, but picturing me move that quickly is pretty darn funny.

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