Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to William P Hobby Airport!

Good morning, everyone...it's sort of odd to be writing this anywhere but the white plastic chair in the backyard, watching the dogs act like idiots.  I have a plane to catch, however, and it's sort of a pivotal trip so I'm willing to compromise on my adherence to the Rain Man rituals now and again.

This weekend, I sold two more patterns for the Side Salad Scarf (seen here, along with the other available patterns) this weekend, and it got me to thinking.  Incongruently, of course.  I need to increase readership of the examiner.com column for two reasons:

1.  Because knitters need to know what is going on in the knitting world
2.  Because I need to know what is going on in the knitting world

So based on that, here's my idea...let me know if you're game, interested, in support of...whatever.

I'm told...and understand I don't have any subscriptions on examiner.com, since I read pretty much anything I find interesting on it...that if you subscribe to my column, you get an email which says something to the effect of, "You are now subscribed to Amy Kaspar's Chicago Knitting Examiner articles" or something.  So while I'm tying together a few loose ends this week, I thought I would go to the local yarn stores with a stack of postcards/fliers/leaflets/semaphore signals to ask the owners to give to their customers.  It will say something like, "Subscribe to Examiner.com's Chicago Knitting Examiner!  Forward the email to amy.e.kaspar@gmail.com and receive a free pattern with your subscription...it's THAT easy!"  I'll probably jazz it up with glitter and sequins, but the message will have the same meaning.  The offer will...starting when I can write up a pattern, so I'm thinking next week or so...apply to ANYONE who subscribes.  If you are subscribed, forward me any of the emails from examiner.com with the link on it as proof, and I'll send you a free pattern.

And get your knitting friends to do it, too.  They don't have to live in Chicago...the articles are just generally Chicago-based, but sometimes they are more nationally- or generally-focused.

This week, I have two store samples to finish, a sample to make for a free pattern (if I'm reading two paragraphs up correctly, anyway), and the Trekking Hands shawl which I just need to buck up and finish already.  Oh, and the Lace Tutorial scarf...hopefully, Lion Brand will agree with my musings and post at least part of what I wrote on their page.

That's all for now...thanks for your support!

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