Monday, November 19, 2012

Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy...

Good evening!  I am sitting in the red chair with my favorite seatmate, Penny.  See, Bluto doesn't crack the list because he just takes up too much freaking space.

Here's what's on the agenda...well, first, here's what I wrote today.  An article about Black Friday and the local yarn shops:

In the hopper:  an article about Steve Malcolm and his calendar, which raises money for prostate cancer research; an article about Kelly Fleek and her knitted art; a review of Vickie Howell's new book (sent to me by the publisher, along with another title she said she thought I would cool is that?); a story on String Theory and their annual scarf sale and bazaar; and an article on Vicki Twigg, inventor of Twiggstitch.

I'm tired just thinking about it.

BUT...I am feeling lucky.  My trip to Seattle and Vancouver gave me clarity like I never expected...a few walks and chance encounters made me realize just what I need, what I need to bury and forget, and the direction I need to go.  It's not a perfect plan, but there is a heck of a formula brewing in my head.

As you can see, the column is picking up a bit of speed.  Steve has actually asked me to design a pattern for next year's calendar...I tried to sound all non-chalant and, "Oh...sure.  That would be great."  But even in the month he's known me, I'm pretty sure my face told him, "EEEEE!!!  Really?  Yay!  Score!  Thank you thank you thank you!  I think you're awesome!  I think I'm not as awesome but yay anyway!"

Kelly, also, was lovely.  Knitters are such good people...and yes, there is a bad apple or two.  And yes, women sometimes gossip when they get's the nature of the yarny beast.  But in general, I haven't met a knitter I really didn't like...the common theme of people who knit is their warmth.

I've moved up the ranks by one at do like me on facebook, follow me on Twitter, subscribe to here and my articles on, and encourage others to do so because I want to kick the Pop Culture Examiner's pedestal over.  The links are below...

And finally, I'm donating 15% of the proceeds of my pattern sales this month to Movember, an organization which raises money and awareness for male-related cancers.  Knitting patterns make GREAT gifts...get in there before November!  I'm happy to hold a pattern you've purchased and email it to the recipient on Christmas if you'd like.

Be well!

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