Monday, November 12, 2012


So here I am, decompressing in Seattle on my friend Miles' couch, looking at a blank TV screen (because I wouldn't know what to do with one even if it was on), and feeling the Malabrigo Rasta on my leg.


Because despite the fact that I've made a scarf a month for an entire YEAR, I neglected to bring one with me on this trip.  That's why.  So I found the local yarn shop.  While there, I also purchased a pair of size 2 circulars because I am going to make a toe-up pair of socks out of a Crazy Zauerball, and I was able to dig into the middle of the ball and pull out both ends.  So far, knitting-wise, this trip has been a success.

Here is the article I wrote today for's about knitting for charity and what drop-off points are located in Chicago:

After zonking out on the plane while sitting in between a guy with zero humor and another guy who was literally 6'7" tall, I was up all day yesterday and then slept for ten hours last night.  This morning, I walked downtown and stopped at a breakfast place.  This is what I love about Seattle.  The woman asked if I wanted coffee, and I said of course.  She asked if I wanted cream, and I asked if she had soy milk.  Then SHE said, "Of course!"  Vegans are the majority here.

I also walked down to Pike Place Market, did some wandering around downtown, and sat at a coffee shop for a bit to cast on the Rasta.  Basically, I have spent the last...depends on who you ask, but...between few weeks and few months on a downward spiral.  I'm miserable.  And I'm tired of being miserable.

The good news is that I'm not hopeless, having suicidal thoughts, not getting out of bed, or anything else that would indicate I need medication.  I'm just in a really crappy place.

But every once in a while, something really cool happens and it reminds me that my lot in life isn't exactly horrendous.  Yes, I've had my struggles, but big deal...I'm here, I have a job and a family, some spare cash, and an upwardly-mobile attitude.  A woman bought one of my patterns today...she met me at a yarn shop and enjoyed our chat enough to buy one of my patterns.  That's trust, in my opinion.  Some of you may not see the connection, but I do.

Anyway, tomorrow I am interviewing a woman named Kelly Fleek...she is an artist who uses yarn as her medium.  How fun!  And she is a vegan so she is picking a place for lunch that I'm guaranteed to enjoy.  Of course, if I had known my audience, I would not have said the following:

"Just so you know, I'm a vegetarian, but I'm not one of the crazy vegans that will throw red paint on your fur coat or anything."

Her response?  "Well, that's okay because not only am I a vegan, but I'm ethical too, so we'll find a good place to eat."

Damn...I hope she gets to know me well enough tomorrow to realize that I meant no disrespect.  If not, then I guess our hour will be the only one I spend with her...ha ha ha.

Other than that, I was thinking of going to Vancouver for the day.  I have access to a car, and ever since I saw the movie "Cousins" with Ted Danson and Isabella Rosselini, I have wanted to see that city.  Best line from that move...everyone should live by this philosophy:

"You've got only one life to live.  You can make it chicken shit, or chicken salad!"

Don't forget, I'm also donating a portion of my pattern sales this month to Movember, an organization which raises money for testicular and prostate cancer research.  You can buy my patterns either on Ravelry (thefiberfriend) or Etsy (The Fiber Friend).  Please share with's for a good cause and my patterns are super-cheap and not too challenging.  Yay!

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  1. Nice!!! I wish I wasn't so broke, I would have begged to tag along. Seattle & San Francisco are two of my favorite places to hang out. Both have good hostels and better food. If you have never been to Vancouver I would go, at least for a day. I've been there 3 times and I swear each time gets shorter. Though I do love Granville Island (farmers markets & plays) & the Aquarium is awesome, I have yet to find a restaurant that I would go back to. Come back to Chicago in a better place and remember that your friends miss you. PS. I would do Bainbridge Island or Victoria before Vancouver.