Thursday, June 23, 2011

Current Projects

Okay...this may be as bad as the "stash" issue.

Normally, I have either two projects on the needles, or maybe five or six.  There will always be something big and time-consuming, and then a smaller project that I can carry to Starbucks with me if there is no knitting group that day.

So right now, I have this little fold-up bag that I started, and the stitches are on a stitch-holder because I needed the needles I was using for another project.  Note the word "little" in the description...I can't seem to finish it, but I don't want to rip it out and make something else.  My motivation level is hovering just above zero.

Then, I have the hat I started for Diane.  I made Diane's spouse, Mary, this ridiculously awesome hat for her...umm...trip to Afghanistan (hat can be seen on The Fiber Friend fan page on facebook...feel free to "like").  I then promised Diane I would make an equally awesome hat, and it's currently about two-thirds done.  While it WILL be finished, I don't see a reason to be in a big hurry for it, for two reasons:  1) She is NOT going to Afghanistan, where it's 100 degrees during the day and forty degrees at night, and 2) She is in Chicago, where the weather is currently not hat-condusive.

My "big" project is this cute eyelet hooded jacket that I saw in a magazine, and I bought the yarn for 30% off at Yarntopia in Katy, Texas.  For those who care, it's the second one from the bottom on the left in the gallery, and I am certainly not making it in hot pink:  I have about two inches..two inches!...left to do on the back, and once I'm over the hump I'll probably fly on the thing.  But that back is a's always the largest piece and you feel like you're knitting that first piece forever.

Yarntopia is currently collecting prayer shawls for a hospital, and after looking through the house for finished projects, I realized I had already given away all of my shawls.  Time to start a new one...I have until the first week of July to complete it.  Suddenly, everything else goes on the the backburner.

The great thing about prayer shawls is that they are usually on bigger needles so they don't take as long as, say, a bedspread.  I still had to come up with a pattern, however, because I am just not disciplined when it comes to reading patterns.  Hey...maybe that's yet another reason why I can't get over the hump regarding the eyelet hoodie!

So here is what I came up with.  When I'm finished, I'll write up the completed project and post it on Ravelry as a free pattern.  Oh, and yes those are my feet holding down the circular needle, since I didn't hold it in warm water long enough to completely straighten it out:

Also, here is the stitch pattern on a yarn that's a bit easier to see.

So once I'm done with the shawl, I can go back to making one of the other three projects I have already started.  Or, I suppose I could just start another one...

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