Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Puzzle Associated With Knitting On Airplanes

So, last Friday, I had to fly to Atlanta for a day-long field trip (more on THAT later...for those of you who know why, please do me the benefit of keeping the secret).  My most recent projects, as illustrated by the last post, either involve a lot of yarn or a lot of time figuring out what the heck I was doing the last time I put it down.   It's not that I couldn't have brought along the prayer-shawl with the 830-yard ball of yarn attached to it (yes, it's one ball...go ahead and picture shuttle-running a football field four times).  I just don't see a reason to be cumbersome at an airport, and again at the area where my feet go on the plane.

So I did what any nutcase-with-yarn would do:  I grabbed a one-ball wonder from my stash and tried to figure out what to do with it.

The ball I grabbed was a Noro acrylic/wool/cotton/silk blend.  The awesome thing about Noro is that it changes colors on your for no apparent reason, and it's STUNNING no matter what you make out of it.  With only one 230-meter ball, however, I was limited.  I decided a headband would be a good project.  It was time to whip out the pen and the teeny weeny notebook I use for my knitting designs.

Incidentally, Bert thinks I NEED an iPad and an iPhone.  I think I NEED neither, and I actually WANT neither, but either one would actually come handy so I didn't have bits of paper with symbols on it everywhere.  Then, of course, I would have to change my habits on note-taking, and I am not sure I can fully commit to such a radical act.

Anyway, I started with an i-cord and then just started making stuff up as I went along.

Basically, four and a half hours on two planes was enough time to not only figure out what to do, but I was also able to get two-thirds of the way through the project and realize what fun I could have writing the pattern in two different widths.

As soon as I finish both the big one and the smaller one, I'll post pictures and write up the pattern.  In the meantime, here is the article I wrote for examiner.com...please share with others.  Thanks for reading as always!


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