Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is Is Really Thanksgiving Week?

Good morning!  I am watching a torrential downpour, and loving every minute of it.  ~~sigh~~

And I'm reciting a mantra to myself, since I was up late last night reading a knitting book published in 1980 and eating food that is more suited for a State Fair than a late-night snack:  "I WILL finish a project this week, I WILL finish a project this week..."

I have banned myself from buying more yarn, casting on another project, or ripping out a current one until I actually finish something.  Hey...I have no excuses, since I have no family here this week. I have nothing but time on a holiday where every business, except ones that cook turkeys and show cinematic money-suckers, is closed.

Anyway, Knit Tips Tuesday is all about the cast-on...I could probably write six or seven articles on casting on, but I kept it short and sweet and limited the number of methods to five (seven, if you include the last paragraph, which I don't):


But I'm already making plans for AFTER I finally cast something off.  It might be the sock, it might be the shrug...heck, it might even be BOTH!...but after that, it's All Scarves All The Time.  I have a couple of designs that will be great for the scarf series, but I really need...umm...twelve.  Not a couple, but twelve.  TWELVE.  Sometimes, I hate when my brain is completely full and I have to tip over the top of my thoughts to make room for other ones, similar to taking off that creepy layer of cream atop that hand-delivered milk that Oberweis brings you.  That's right...I just compared my thoughts to a disgusting layer of sour fat that I don't even eat or drink, because it's not very vegan.

Have a good holiday week, everyone!

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