Thursday, November 10, 2011

Knitting in the Round: Choose Your Method

Good afternoon, friends.  I'm going through this phase where I'm enjoying making tubular items, and I don't know why.  Once I bound off the last store sample, I went hog-wild and started casting on instant-gratification projects to balance the tedium (I should say glorious tedium...making garments is a blast if you can compartmentalize).  I started looking at designs I've created, and how many of them can be worked in the round (not many, but the Waves and Warmth Shrug probably could).

So I whipped out the Noro and made a cowl in the round, and I gave it to Kelly at the library as promised.  She loved it.  Then, I cast on a cotton hat for a sister and wife of two friends (one woman, two relations) and ripped it out about four times before I sucked it up and got out the double-points.  In case the gluttony wasn't dripping vigorously enough, I sure did cast on my first-ever sock.  It was at this point where I looked around and thought, "Hmm..."

I need some straight-needle knitting.  And big-needle knitting.

So screw it...while my brain was processing how to do the Waves and Warmth Shrug in the round, I just busted out the fat needles it requires and started making one, in black.  The one I made for Judy is Vanna's Choice Brick, but I didn't have enough of it left to make the same color for me and...well...I should probably start knitting from my stash.  More often than not.  Starting right now.

I have the above three unfinished projects in my bag, and remember:  these were under the category of "instant gratification."  It turns out that my attention span is so short right now, if I wanted instant gratification I would just make a Tic-Tac cover or something.  Tomorrow, I will be at Walmart all day, singing the national anthem for Veterans Day.  Not a bad gig if you can get it, and I'll be sitting around for a few hours in between, trying to see if finishing at least ONE project is an option.

Again...these are the only projects in my BAG.  You should see other three...or four? the house that are still on the needles.  I need to start reeling this in.

Speaking of which...if you are a sock knitter or just a generally charitable person, please contact me abut possibly helping out with Crystal Bowersox and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  I will give more on that later.  Also, stay tuned because Lion Brand is going live with my blog post sometime soon, and while I have no desire to be both rich AND famous, I'm hoping people see my post and just spontaneously send me six-figure checks in the mail, so I can buy yarn for all of my Tic-Tac covers...

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