Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another Wednesday

Good evening!  First off, here is a run-down of what's what in the knitting world for the month of April.  There are other events, of course, and a whole slew of classes, but here is a synopsis anyway:

Anyway, I only have FOUR MORE ROWS on the May scarf.  Seriously.  And the date is still a single digit.  I feel like dancing, only the only ones who will see it is the dogs.  Maybe the cat.  I don't know where he is at the moment, actually.

After writing the article this morning, I decided to head down to Shorewood to meet Cindy Cooper, the owner of Elemental Yarns.  We had a lovely chat and I am going to do a story on her place in the coming weeks.  I then swung by Downers Grove to Knitche to get more info on another story I'm writing.  Anyone who has knit something for their teenager, please let me know!  What worked?  What didn't?  Did they get to participate in selecting a pattern?  Do share, please...but send me an email to instead of responding here.  Thanks!

I also encourage you to look at yesterday's post...I took photos on a gorgeous spring day in Chicago.  Lots of tulips, baby...and that's how it SHOULD be considering it's Easter-time.

So now I have a addition to finishing May's scarf and starting June's scarf, what garment should I start?  This has been weighing on my mind for a few days...should it be something for NOW or something for FALL?  The only reason it's in question is because...let's face it...I probably won't finish it until fall.  Last year, our friends at Lorna's Laces said they saw a statistic that the average knitter finished over thirty projects in 2011.  I assume that means EACH sock, EACH fingerless glove, EACH dishcloth...

Anyway, I'm hoping to ramp up the column this month as well.  Please subscribe on my page and continue to share my articles with members of the knitting world who do not currently read them.  Now that I have 50% free time (do the math, for those of you who think I all of a sudden went part-time at my job...I get three days on and three days off) and I'm relatively settled, I want to be the knitting ambassador of Chicago the best I can!  I'll still continue with Knit Tips Tuesday but want Chicagoans to learn about yarn shops and festivals that may not be near their house.

That's all for now...I hope life is treating everyone well!

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