Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Good afternoon, everyone...here is your Knit Tips Tuesday:


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So, I'm halfway done with NEXT month's pattern, and I don't know how the two test-knitters are doing but my plan is to blow them out of the water.  I was feeling so good about myself today that after leaving Soldier Field for the Children's Miracle Network kickoff meeting this morning, I walked from there to the Milwaukee bus.  I also walked from downtown to Soldier Field, so by my estimation, I probably walked almost six miles today.  It was THAT glorious outside.  Here are some photos I took, including Teeny Jesus painting his face blue and orange and getting ready to BEAR DOWN!

Cherry blossoms outside the Field Museum.

The Field Museum of Natural History, shortly after sunrise.

Tulips on State Street.

One lonely guy that, I thought, was at the perfect stage of bloom.

Tulips at State and Washington.

Proof that Mayor Daley may have been corrupt, but MAN did he make Chicago look gorgeous.

Teeny Jesus, proving he's a Chicago Bears fan.

What's even more awesome is I finally went into Blommer's Chocolate Factory.  Even though I'm not currently eating chocolate, I got a contact high from the heavenly smell...it was ridiculous.  I also ran into a friend from my childhood on Lake Street, proving that my world gets smaller and smaller by the minute.

I think I'm going to go and enjoy more springtime with yarn.  And I may clean up dog poop in the back yard...

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