Friday, September 14, 2012

GORGEOUS Knitting Weather

Good morning, everyone.  So here I am, coffee in hand, dogs in lap (as much as 125 pounds of dog fits into ONE lap), laptop on armrest, getting ready to continue my day.  I started thinking about Life In General, and there have been about zero noteworthy observations to share.  Zero.  Seriously.

So apparently, I should be knitting.

Here is a roundup of events going on in the Chicago area this weekend...yarn-related, of course:

I have asked for the help of knitters to tell me how they combat Second Sock Syndrome...any other suggestions would be appreciated.  It's for Tuesday's article, so there is still time, baby.  My last five weeks of Knit Tips Tuesday have been dedicated to making a sock; I now am about halfway done with the second sock and I'm literally talking myself into finishing because I don't want to have a random sock just hanging out there.

Last month, I finished having over 3,000 unique hits on my articles, and this month I'm on pace for more of the same.  Yay!  This is causing more traffic to my Etsy site (I've sold six patterns this month), and I'm now to the point where I'm hoping I can get a good second-income thingie going.  It would be nice to retire a year or two early, just because I write about colored string and all things heavenly that go with it, no?

This next few weeks, I'm trying to figure out what I need to change.  Getting organized is at the top of the list, but I'm still just not feeling it.  I built a desk, bought a drawer tower, and have effectively at least looked at my tax paperwork.  So that's a start.  The thing is I really need to finish what I've started, before the mess overtakes the house to the point where I'm going to be on an intervention television show.  Sadly, I don't even watch TV so it's not like I'd see it when it airs., one of the stores I mentioned in the article above is Sifu Design Studio.  Lisa opened her fabulous store over two years ago and has so many kitchy and awesome things going on there, I don't have the space to write about it.  She has a weekly caption contest where the winner wins the pattern in the caption photo and a $5 gift certificate to her store.  This is the picture from last week:

  1. Photo: Congratulations to @Amy Kaspar for winning last week's caption contest. This one made me giggle!!  

I was SO hoping you'd say "Yes!"

    Well, my caption won the contest last week:  "I was SO hoping you'd say 'Yes!'"  I'm a horrible crocheter, but I do collect vintage patterns and like I said, I can't think of a single bad thing to say about Lisa's store (or herself for that matter).  The energy there is just fabulous.  So yeah.'s time I showered and know...did something today.  I am hoping to plow through the sock, as the October scarf pattern of the month is already finished and I'm not ready to start on November's yet.  I also have to meet the roofing guy, deposit some checks, wear clothes that don't give off the vibe that I actually DO spend all of my spare time at the employer's address...

    Have a good day, everybody!

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