Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Saturday Saturday!

Good afternoon!  That title was done in the voice of the NHRA guy who tries to make Sundays sound like the most awesome day of the week.  I was at work until midnight finishing a spreadsheet, following up on little notes, blah blah blah, and this was the week of tears and snot bubbles so I was ready for my three days off after the first day.  The last customer I encountered reeked of alcohol and stopped to tell me I had to fire someone for giving him the finger.

Now granted...had one of my associates given this guy the finger, with witnesses, maliciously, because of something unprovoked, then sure.  But by all accounts of those around these two people (and there were a lot of witnesses), the only truth is that the guy reeked of alcohol.

Chicago has a new yarn store which opened today.  It's called Knit Nirvana and was opened by my friend Sue Jaffe, who used to work at two yarn shops in the near western suburbs.  I'm very happy for her that she can see her dream realized and share it with others...there is no other feeling like that.  I also took a bunch of pictures so I can write about the store.

Today, though, I wrote about the fact that September 1 is the first day the Red Scarf Project accepts donations.  Who's with me?

So then, just in case August wasn't affirming enough, I got the loveliest email from a reader from another part of the country:

Hi, Amy …

I don’t know if you’re still doing this (below) or not, but whether you send me a free pattern or not I wanted to e-mail anyway and tell you how much I enjoy reading not only your articles but also your Fiber Friend blog posts.  For a full six months I commuted by air from Charlotte, NC, to Phoenix, AZ, very early each Monday morning, then put in 60 hours, and flew back late every Friday night; somehow I feel kinship beyond knitting with you!  8^)  By the way, I’m also (name withheld) on Ravelry.  Thanks again for the enjoyment you bring with your writing and designing …


How nice was that?  I of course sent her a free pattern...if anyone forwards me the email of the subscription confirmation from, I send them a free pattern.  The warm and fuzzy feeling I got from reading her message is just a bonus!

I am currently taking a break from putting the finishing touches on the photos from September's pattern...I have until 11:59pm...ha ha ha.  My subscribers, hopefully, have given up on scheduled emails because of me, so this month's pattern (and the last three after that) will be sent out the old-fashioned way.  I actually can't wait until the 20th to share this pattern with's one of those that gets noticed because the yarn does all of the work for you.  Pretty darn easy pattern to turn out so pretty!  I may send a teaser later in the month, but not today.

Then, there are still two more posts on for Knit Tips Tuesday regarding sock-knitting.  I have to show the heel-turn and gusset this Tuesday, and the foot and toe the following week.  The sample sock is super-pretty...makes me actually want to make the second one...

Have a great holiday weekend!  By the way...don't text and drive.  I was at a stop sign earlier today, waiting for a freight train so I was actually in PARK because there was a wall of about fifty cars before me that were also parked.  A woman scared the bajeesus out of me by...wait for it...banging on my window when I wasn't looking and yelled, "Hey!  Don't text and drive!"  Duly noted, lady.  I believe in safety as well.  However, banging on my window could have caused me to freak out and take my foot off of the brake...good thing I wasn't in gear.

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