Friday, December 9, 2011

The Best Week of the Year to Travel

Good evening!  I'm currently at Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport, on my way back to Texas for the last four days of my tenure on that god-awful planet.  By the offense to those who love Planet Texas...this is my personal opinion, and I do not mean to sway anyone's judgment on the subject.  However, it DOES suck.

That said...I spent the last few days at my stepmom's house, cuddling with the speckled pooches and continuing to have bizarre dreams.  I'm also making pins for the knitters I love the most (in other words, I love a lot of them but have a limited number of markers to make pins, so...).  I have the pattern down to a half-hour project.  SCORE!  And I thought knitting washcloths were knitting-instant-gratification...they don't hold a CANDLE to this sort of pleasure.  I finished two of them from Panama City Beach to Atlanta.

Anyway, for anyone interested in the Scarf of the Month Series (seen here), the first one will be a knit-and-purl arrangement, the second one will also most likely be knit-and-purl, and then March and April will be either lace, cables, or lace AND cables.  As always, no matter where I am in the country I will be on-hand to answer any questions about the patterns, yarns used, or whatever else.  Just ask anyone who has bought a pattern from me.  Speaking of which...and this merits a re-post...I received this feedback from a girl who bought my commuter headband pattern.  Etsy shop owners dream of having something THIS positive on their page: 

I'm about halfway done with knitting up this pattern, so I think I've seen quite enough to leave feedback on it. This is only the second thing I've knitted and it was a very painless introduction to cables and i-cords. The seller was quick in sending it and told me she'd be happy to answer any questions, but the pattern was well-written and I have had none. Good seller, great product.

See?  She knows how to break it DOWN, man!  (I meant me.  Although I do VERY much appreciate the feedback, thankyouverymuch, Caitlin Stone).  Oh, and I have no idea why I'm using so many must be Atlanta.

My friend Sean was complaining that he didn't have a good scarf, because he likes to wrap them around more than once and it's hard to find them that long nowadays.  My first thought, of course, was " really need to learn how to knit."  A close second in the thought department, however, was that I have the sample of the Squiggly at the house, and I could use that extra square foot of space in my car by mailing it to Sean.  The second one I made was a human length...I just kept knitting and knitting and knitting the first one, wondering how close my measurements were...but the one in the photo is seven feet long.  The second one I made...well...someone else was a recipient of it, and it's 66 inches long.  I still have to make one for Andrea...damn, I'm behind.  Anyway, Sean will be getting the seven-foot long scarf and he was all atwitter when I offered it to him.

Have a good night...I'm about to board on my final flight before hopping in my car and looking forward to getting attacked by my two killer pit bulls!

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