Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vacation from Knit Tips Tuesday

Good morning everyone!  Allow me to explain why I have taken a hiatus from my knitting side (apart from Blackhawks games, and even THAT didn't work out perfectly):

1.  Last Wednesday, I drove 997 miles to my brother's house in Peoria.  I could have actually made it to Chicago in a day, but thought it would be a better idea to play with the nieces and visit with the mom and brother.
2.  Thursday, I drove to Chicago, played with the dogs, saw the husband, emptied my car, and (I think) slept.
3.  Friday, I started moving stuff around, unpacking, building a bedframe for the guest room, moving more stuff around, building stuff, and making a list of things we needed to get for the house.
4.  Saturday, I went to Home Depot, Ikea, and Walmart...I cried in every store.  Too much.  Just too much.
5.  Sunday.  I don't even remember Sunday.  I just know I did something with about two stacks of clothes, and I was DONE...I had to get out of the house.  I left early for the Blackhawks game, visited with my friend Dawn, and knitted on her couch while we kvetched for a few hours.

Then at the Blackhawks game...because yes, I do in fact bring knitting with me for between periods...the girl in front of me in the ticket line opened her bag to show the police.  There was a ball of Lilly's Sugar 'n' Cream in there.  I said, "Do you have yarn in your bag?"  She said, "Yes I do!"  I showed her my bag, we laughed, and had a teeny weeny bonding moment right there at the United Center.  "Those are long bus rides," she said.  Yay!  We ARE taking over the world!

Anyway, then I started my new job on Monday, so Monday and Tuesday was spent at the new place of employment from about seven in the morning to nine at night.  I'm tired.  And I thought about writing Knit Tips Tuesday but I didn't have it in me.  Today, I have a plan, however.  I'm going to knit.  I may unpack, but I may not.  I feel like a zombie.  Thirteen hours in a Calvin Klein suit and three inch heels makes for a WIPED OUT chick.  Me, in case you weren't following this story.

Anyway, I bought this skein of laceweight loveliness one day when I was in Yarntopia, and I casted on that day even though I had probably two hundred (maybe that's an exaggeration) projects on the needles already.  I wrote the pattern, tested it, and figured if it didn't work I could always toss the yarn ('s lovely but it's only eight bucks), and started knitting.  Then, the other night at the Blackhawks game, I dropped a yarnover.  And this was during intermission, when I have no excuses because I wasn't distracted.  I just tropped it.  I wasn't even in a place for a lifeline yet...I was only on the twelfth row of the pattern and it repeats at row 19.  The distractions did start to come, however...the horn blew, the ref dropped the puck, and now here I was, with my favorite hockey team blurred in my farsight, and I finally just gave up.  I pulled out my circular needle and ripped it out.

To tell you how awesome of a friend Alex case anyone needed to know why we are such good friends...he sat there with my limp, non-finished project in his hands and helped me unravel it during the game.  Cookie!

So yeah...I need to get my yarn on before I am ready to be a grownup today.

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