Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Calling All Knitters!

Good morning, everyone...I'm looking at the shower from where I'm sitting, and the bottom line is that I'm just not ready.  I think all I ate yesterday was discounted chocolate from my employer, a Dunkin Donuts coffee, and a falafel sandwich from Subway.  Between that and my days flying by because of my penchant for weirdos coming up to me, I'm pretty exhausted.

But it's okay.  I have a plan, and it involves getting ahead.  This is one of my New Year's Resolutions, see...and that's why I'm writing this morning.

If you are a knitter (and my guess is that you either read this to humor me, you read this because you are a knitter, or you read this because you have a crush on a knitter and this is your perfect chance to talk with them), I need your help.  What are your knitting New Year's Resolutions?  Shoot me an email to and I'll try and get as many quotes in as possible.  Don't want me to use your name?  No problem!  Just let me know that beforehand.

To get an idea of what I usually write, my Knit Tips Tuesday column is gaining often appears on's national site:

And then I also try to write at least one local story a week, which usually looks more like this:

I'm currently working on my Scarf Pattern of the Month series on Etsy, and my New Year's Resolution is to get ahead of the game.  The patterns are pretty well written, and I have a test-knitter or two but I still need to knit the scarves on my own as well.  I want to do nothing but scarves (not literally...that's not realistic but I do want to pare down on the sixty projects I have going at a time) until I finish the projects relating to my series.  By the way, it's not too late if you'd like to join is the link:

So here's what I'm looking for...if you knit, shoot me an email with your full name, age, a contact phone number (even though I'm not likely to use it, since I'll have your email's just a backup), and a detailed description of your Knitting New Year's Resolution.  You can make it one good sentence, or you can give me some background as to why you are resolving to change this knitting behavior in 2012...either way is fine with me.  But do shoot the message to my personal email if you can...I don't want to have your email address posted in the comments on the blog.

Yesterday, the Lion Brand Yarn Company re-posted my blog post about knitting lace on their facebook page...I was reading through the comments and people were very receptive to the positive, which I certainly appreciate:

And now that I have bombarded you with links to other stuff, I am going to go to a coffee shop and...what else?...finish knitting a scarf.  I'm so excited about the first pattern of the series to come blocks as cute as I had hoped...ha ha ha.  Thanks in advance for your response, and of course good luck with YOUR resolutions as well!

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