Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Greetings From The Red Couch

Good evening!  Apparently, I can no longer blog from here unless I use Google Chrome.  That's a really crappy exclusivity clause, in my opinion...then again, I suppose freedom of speech can have a monetary amount attached to it, no?

Anyway, here is my February pattern from the Scarf Pattern of the Month series.  Silly, yes, but any excuse to get Bluto in a scarf is a good one, in my opinion:


And I was thinking about my math compulsion (or as Barney Fife says, compelsion), and I decided that today's Knit Tips Tuesday should be math-related.  Well, I decided it should be a series of math-related posts...I was sitting in a training class in Zion this morning, knowing I had the whole day to decide what to write because whipping out the laptop DURING training isn't a good idea, and it hit me.  Math is awesome, and so is knitting.  They are related.  They ARE.  And I'm here to prove it to you.

So here is the latest Knit Tips Tuesday, regarding converting knitting patterns for a different yarn weight.  The next two weeks will be related to the same topic:


I have one more sleeve to go on the Rowan-but-using-Lion-Brand sweater.  It's such a simple and quick pattern...smart knitters would have long-since finished the sweater in the Lion Bran so they could determine if it fits and move on to other luxurious and heavenly yarns, like Cascade Eco Plus.  But NO.  I'm difficult.  Either way, though, one more sleeve, a couple of seams, and a neckline, and POOF.  The thing is I still have to finish the next scarf sample.  I'm knitting pretty furiously, but I changed a few things and it set me back a bit.  The good news is that Tiny E will not finish before me (I don't know when it became a competition, but it did sort of piss me off that she finished the Sock Monkey one first).

Tomorrow, being Lent, is the annual "go on a really restrictive diet because I can't give up meat I already don't eat" diet.  I don't know about caffeine, because green tea is so damn healthy that it's not worth giving up, but the rest of the diet is modeled after the guy who invented P90X.  No alcohol, no sugar, no animal products, and no gluten.  I'll be all about the rice cakes, peanut butter, fresh fruits, and grilled vegetables.  It really doesn't sound that much different than my normal diet, except for the fact that I shun the vegan thing for a good baked item.  No more of that until the 8th of April.

Which reminds me:  I have to check my schedule.  I'm hoping to be off on Good Friday so I can do the stations of the cross at my old church.  Suddenly, I'm springing forward two weeks early!

Be well, and thanks for reading.

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