Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MAN, February is SHORT

Good morning, everyone.  I have a big, white, oaf-ey pit bull on my left, and a red-splotched pit bull in my window.  The cat?  I don't know, but he loves sleeping on the Sock Monkey Kisses scarf so I often have to pick out kitty bits before I can wear it.

Here is today's Knit Tips Tuesday, complete with a link to last week's lesson:


My readership has gone up over 20% from last month to this month, even though we are currently in the shortest month of the year.  I thank all of you for your support...it's fun to be able to get messages like, "Hi...I live in Southern California and I love your column" and think to myself, she's talking about ME.  I most likely won't be quitting my day job but at least I know retirement will be pleasant.

I have a large, excessive blocking project in my future.  Not meaning that the project itself is huge, but there are a lot of pointy parts that will require a pin.  I am not looking forward to it...blocking normally doesn't bother me, but I'm just not feeling it today.  It may have to wait until tomorrow.  I also have to drive to St. Charles tomorrow (a good forty miles west of my house) for a training session, so I'm thinking if I block the thing in the morning, it will be dry and gorgeous by the time I get home!  Just like waiting on a birthday dinner.

Tonight, the Bistro Knitters are meeting at Mrs. Murphy and Sons Irish Bistro...if you're in the Chicago area, come and join us.  These knitters are just lovely human beings (not that it's often you find a knitting group full of mean knitters, of course).

Other than that, my three days off are not looking too exciting.  I just have three projects in my bag at the moment...not common for me but I'm hitting a moment of multiple personality and I can't help it.  I blame the Kauni.  I also don't know where Teeny Jesus will end up today, but in case you missed it, Walmart sells this children's backpack in Yoda motif.  It was on clearance, and quite honestly, Teeny Jesus could use a good friend.  What do you think they talked about?

Have a good day!


  1. Hi! I'm new to Chicago and would love to meet other knitters. What time would the bistro knitters meet? Thanks!

  2. We meet at 7pm and the address is 3905 N Lincoln Ave. Also, on Thursdays most of the LYSs have open knit night. My email is amy.e.kaspar@gmail.com if you want to shoot me an email and let me know where in the area you are living...I'm happy to connect you with local knitters!