Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Good morning!  This three-days-on and three-days-off thing has me a bit confused, since I used to work Saturday through Monday every week.  My days off shift one day every week, so I have to actually remind myself what day it is.  I've never been in this situation!

Not to worry, thing I do know is that I have to go say goodbye to someone day.  Mary Ann Parisi, owner of Knitter's Kniche in Lakeview, is closing her store after sixteen years in business next month...she is retiring and, hopefully, ready to dish on her sixteen years in business when I show up with my notebook and camera.  I thought I'd put on a fedora and stick a card in it that says "Scoop" so she would think I was a real reporter.

Speaking of which, here is the most recent article I wrote for's about Chicago-based Ravelry groups (and really, in general):

I posted a Knit Tips Tuesday on...well...Tuesday, and something weird happened.  Here is the's about knitting with bulky yarn.  I enjoy it, but some people are intimidated by wrapping soba noodles around broomstick handles:

I usually get about 70 readers per day who click on my articles.  It's not like I write the weather column...I cover the craft of knitting in one town in the United States of America.  I'm fine with seventy readers.  Well, Knit Tips Tuesday now gets picked up by nationally, so I went to check my stats the other day and had almost 300 readers in one day.  Apparently, in knitting circles, this means I'm hitting the big time.  So in addition to having only 80 Twitter followers but the vast majority of them being cool and important, many people want to improve their knitting as well.  Huh.

Today, I'm going to see if I can hang out with Mary Ann and have her wow over my lace pattern...she is a lace knitter and anything thicker than that is just plain condescending.  And if anything is below cost, maybe I'll buy it...I've been saving money the past two weeks and can afford about three new balls of yarn.  As if I need them.

I hope everyone has a lovely day!

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