Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Love Me a Good Cause

Good morning,'s the last day of the month, I did not win half a billion in the Mega Millions Lottery, and I had to take my fat dog to the vet for an ear infection.  But other than that, life is good.

I'm going to try and stop by Cathy Montoya's yarn shop in Evanston, since she's having a knit-in for chemo caps today to kick off her month of collecting for Halos of Hope:

I might even talk the husband into going since it's in a cool part of town.  See?  It all works out.

And I still have to finish the pattern to ship out to my subscribers tomorrow...the pattern was easy, relatively quick, and doesn't appear to have any mistakes (two other people knitted it also).  Problem is I still need to upload the photos.  I still consider myself "getting ahead," however, since I am almost done with NEXT month's pattern as well.  Progress!

All this means is it's getting to be time to choose my next garment.  Decisions, I want to make something I can wear right away, or would I rather make something winter-y and use more yarn and bring it to Starbucks where the air conditioner is always set to 35 degrees?  Tough call.  Or I could do both, I suppose...but I really am making an effort to finish things, get ahead, stop leaving sixty unfinished projects all over the house...the effort may be conscious, but it's working.

Meanwhile, I was at the dermatologist's office yesterday when a woman came over to me and said, "What are you knitting?"  I said, "A scarf," and then felt obligated to follow it up with, "I know that sounds cliche but I'm designing twelve scarves this year."

I come out of my appointment to pay up, and the same woman is sitting in the waiting room with a pair of fourteen-inch size 4s in her hand, and this sage-colored yarn and was intriguing.  Well, JEEZ...had I known she was a knitter, I would have whipped out the business cards, started talking about my favorite yarn shops...blah blah blah.

So I did that anyway before leaving the building.

The next three days are spent working, so I may as well get the yarny goodness out of my system today.  I don't know if I'll make a cap while at Montoya today, but I'll hopefully find the time to make a few to donate...I obviously have a soft spot for cancer patients, and will continue to do so until some new-age genius can accurately spell out what we can do to completely reverse the effects of cancer on the body.

I've done my part...I eat vegan-ish, I exercise, I have a positive outlook, I try not to load down with artificial sweeteners and nitrates and other chemicals that have already been proven to cause cancer, and I am the dork at Cubs games in the big straw hat because I don't like the largest organ in my body absorbing a bunch of chemicals into my bloodstream that I can't pronounce.  So now I just need researchers to do their part.

In the meantime, chemo kills a lot of bad cells in the body, and it causes the hair to fall out of about 99.5% of patients' heads.  So making chemo caps know...a good idea.  Join me and you can find the details of how to donate to Halos of Hope in the article above.  Thanks and I appreciate all of your support!

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