Saturday, October 8, 2011

Almost Halfway There! here is the update.

Shop Sample Number One will be finished this morning.  I was going to finish it last night, actually, but I called this sports bar down the street from our house, and it turns out they were televising the Blackhawks game. became necessary.  And in case anyone needed more proof that I attract the nutballs:

I am sitting at a table by myself, with my chips and salsa (which I only paid a tip for, since the waitress who was helping me forgot I was there and another waitress comped them) and knitting during commercial breaks and intermissions.  I'm wearing my Cam Barker jersey...for those of you who don't know the story, Cam Barker gave me the jersery off of his back after the last game of the 2008-2009 season.  It still has his blood on it!  But of course, it's the size designated for a 6'3" man with a bunch of equipment under it, so it's huge.  Anyway, I'm also wearing a green headband and my camoflauge cargo shorts, and black flipflops.  If Bert is ever concerned that I go clubbing behind his back, just picture THAT.

Of course, though, a guy comes up to me.  I can't escape it...the last time I was in a room where no strangers approached me, I think, was two weeks ago at the Katy Library when I was looking at books on CD in complete peace and quiet.  This guy is bald, hammered, and of course says to me, "I don't recognize your shirt.  Is it a sports shirt?"

Err...why yes.  It's a "sports shirt."

I tell him it's a Chicago Blackhawks jersey, so he proceeds to tell me how hockey is the greatest game on earth because the puck moves so fast, and everybody beats the shit out of each other.  Now, when a so-called hockey fan tells me that all they like is the fighting, that's usually when I tune him or her out.  But this was even better.  "Honey!" he yells.

A large, overly-made-up woman with big hair and a sequined belt (including the buckle, dontchaknow) approaches.  Welcome to Texas.

"This girl is a hockey fan.  And she's knitting!"  He looks at me.  "This is my wife, Teresa.  You would like her."

So he's assessing my personality, and hers, with a compatibility factor to boot, after five seconds.

"Ooh!  My Aunt Sally knits!"  Of course she does.  And just like that, they were waving goodbye and heading toward the door.

Anyway, Shop Sample Number Two will be done next week, Agnes' scarf should be done around the same time, Kathleen and I are visiting the lady in rural Texas tomorrow, and the taking-care-of-myself thing is going well.  Also, I have had over a hundred views of my scarf series in two days...I still say it makes a good holiday gift for a knitter.  Everyone knows someone who can benefit from a scarf:

So there you have it.  Have a good weekend...I think I'm going to crash Yarntopia today.

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