Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back To Work Time!

I wanted to write yesterday to update people on where I was with my vaycay-knitting progress, but I had the wind pretty much yanked from my sails before it happened.  All is well, though.

While dreaming up scarf patterns (I now have five of them brewing in my head, but of course need at least two knitted and written up by Christmas so I can tease people), I started to sell my series know...some people who DON'T actually know me.  I appeciate the business regardless, but it's nice when a stranger sees your stuff and likes it enough to buy it.

Then, through the wonders of social media, a guy who has thousands of Twitter followers decides to screen me, and then follow me, and then post my listing on his underground newspaper:

And then I realized something a bit horrifying.  I have a signature panel on the bottom of my gmail address, since that's where I contact people about the stuff:

The Fiber Friend
facebook: The Fiber Friend
twitter: @TheFiberFriend
Etsy: TheFiberFriend
Ravelry: TheFiberFriend
I just figure if someone wants to reach me over the six thousand different ways and means, they should know where to look.  My...ahem...dozens of followers are loyal, but you never know when someone else wants to hop into the circle.  Again...fine.  Problem is, the gmail address is my "normal" email address...I don't feel right applying for jobs and such through my yahoo address.  Sometimes, I do something boneheaded.  You reply to a higher-up about a promotion at work and not delete my signature panel.  Like...this week, or something.
But all is well...I haven't alienated anyone lately.  So I have one more panel on Store Sample Number Two, and Miss Sheryl tells me that people are buying the linen-stitch kit after they touch Store Sample Number One.  I didn't design the thing, but I'm still glad I knitted it well enough to inspire others.
Of course, I realistically know it doesn't have much to do with me.  Sheryl and Shop Amy are the best enablers in the world without being's like a jedi-mind-trick.  I was walking around the yarn store on Friday, muttering "I don't need any yarn, I don't need any yarn..." but SHEESH.  The Universal Yarns Papier was a dollar a ball.  What the hell was I supposed to do?
Anyway, Agnes' scarf has three panels and the final triangle left to knit before the sucker gets dumped in the water for some shaping.  Then it's time to bust out the scarf yarn, knit knit knit, and start writing down the ideas swimming around in my head:
I stand by my contention that my series would make a good holiday gift for a knitter in your life, and I will continue to shamelessly advertise and promote until I'm a multimillionaire, rolling around in my platinum microspun super-bulky rasta-style yarn in any shade of platinum I request.  Oh, and the needles will be 24k white gold, just to confuse people.
I have a bunch of photos I have to yank off the camera...stay tuned.

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