Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Eleven Days of Stash-Busting

One of the few great things about my job is that if I am off for a weekend, I am really off for a week and a half.  My normal days off are Tuesday through Friday.  I am off next weekend, Saturday through Monday, and then of course off Tuesday through Friday of next week again, so one work-week of vacation equals eleven days off.

While not EVERY plan I have for my time involves yarn, yes...most of them do.  I have too many ideas pouring out of my head right now, and it's about time I got this little side-business of mine off the ground.  So here are my plans:

1.  Finish the two shop samples.  DAMN I can't wait until I don't read that sentence again.  But what's funny is that I sound like I'm complaining, but I'm not.  Linen stitch is like college...it's long, it's tedius, it's fun every now and again, but the long term end-result is freaking fabulous.  So there you have it...I'm enjoying every knit and slip I make.
2.  Work out the details of a "Scarf Pattern of the Month" series.  For 2012, I wanted to design twelve scarves and sell the package as a series, emailing a new scarf pattern on the first of every month.  If you buy all twelve, you get a discount of course, but I will still have all twelve scarf patterns available for purchase online.  See, if you are like me, you're either a scarf person, or your know a lot of scarf people so you always have someone to make something for.  Feel free to email me at amy.e.kaspar@gmail.com for more details...I'd love to know if anyone would be interested in this project.
3.  Write out the Montana sweater pattern.  I may have to buy more yarn and make a size small so I can test my math (as my brother starts cracking up at the idea that I would ever NOT trust my math).
4.  Drive to rural Texas to meet a lady I promised to meet.  Hey...don't judge.
5.  Get more work done on my super-secret project that I know will take me three months to complete.  I have actually set a goal of Thanksgiving for this one, but I don't know how likely it is...I may have to recruit test-knitters to finish on time.
6.  Take care of myself.  I have done just a knockout job of driving my body and mind into the ground, so it's about time I did a U-turn on that one.  Yesterday was the perfect end to that cycle...I sent my employees home early because basically, there was a problem of galactic proportions and for the first time since I got there, it really wasn't my fault.  I'm not sure I'm ready to bike-commute yet (although I'll feel better about it when I'm in Chicago full-time), but I may just go crazy and go to the gym.

There are a couple of other details in the plan, but these are the main ones.  I may have to take a super-duper-long road trip, though...financial details of THAT will be working themselves out in the next day or two.

You don't have to comment publicly on the blog if you don't want to, but either join my facebook group or send a note to the email above to tell me what you're up to!  Blogging isn't nearly as much fun if there isn't a random conversation or two to be had.

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