Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October is the BEST MONTH EVER

So, I suppose you're wondering why I say that...

Well, I'm okay with people not believing in signs, or thinking I'm nuts because I DO believe in them, but here is what I know.  I went to watch the Blackhawks opening game at a sports bar near here, and I ended up getting free chips and salsa (which means I had a tab of zero, since I don't drink).  I was there for over three hours, but my server forgot about me after the first period.  Then, I went to Starbucks the next day and ordered a latte, which I NEVER do because their green tea is so fabulous, and I walked away with a latte AND a free tea.

A fee days later, I got a title refund check from the mortgage company in the amount of $1,577.60.  So I'm now starting to look around, a bit suspiciously, because apparently my dad is up there giving me his Chicago Cubs playoff-ticket refund (he did, in fact, die hard as a Cubs and Red Sox fan) a little bit at a time.  Again...make your fun, because I don't care.

What's really nice is that business is booming at the Etsy shop...I have sold more individual patterns than I did all through September, and the month is just two-thirds over.  Then, just in case I couldn't get any cooler (in my head...understand that Planet Amy is a rockin' place in my humble opinion) I get an email from Twitter that says @MalabrigoBuzz is following me.

A major yarn company is following ME on Twitter.  ~~sigh~~  Both the Stove Stack Hat and the Side Salad Scarf are made with their yarns...they just knit up beautifully.  For any of you interested in browsing the Etsy shop, here it is:

Here is my article for today...sometimes I'm glad to not be a REAL reporter so I can get away with innuendo. actually put this article on their banner page!

I have about fifteen yards of yarn left for Agnes' scarf and I'm not going to bed until it's finished.  Then, I have about thirty rows of the main body of the last shop sample, and I may not go to bed until it is also finished.  And finally, since there are no corrections for the lacy hoodie I was knitting, and Sheryl and I couldn't find the problem within the pattern, it's time I ripped that sucker out.  Heartbreaking, but true.  The good news is that I'm left with over 2,000 of Cascade Cherub Aran to do with what I want.  Might just have to design a different hoodie...

Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions about the patterns in the Etsy shop, please let me know...I'm a fairly accessible knitter!

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