Monday, October 10, 2011


Good morning!  Despite seven hours of driving, yesterday was WAY more productive than I thought it would be.  Kathleen and I took a field trip to Comfort, Texas, where I had given a yarn-shop owner my Side Salad Scarf pattern to give away to her customers.  Both the store, The Tinsmith's Wife, and the people who are a part if it, are lovely.  We met customers that were instant friends, in addition to the most accomodating owners on the planet.  The pictures on the website don't do this place's hand-painted and art-yarn as far as the eye can see, combined with some mainstream brands as well.  All you want to do is touch EVERYTHING.  Kathleen and I had to remind ourselves that the face is NOT the place to rub yarn that does not belong to you.

Then I came home, and I took the linen-stitch scarf off of the board...just like the picture that comes with the pattern, I couldn't take one that indicates just how stunning this is in person:

What's even better is that A BEGINNER CAN DO THIS!!!  It involves no purling whatsoever, and the pattern is so easy that it could be a good second project.

And, of course, Bluto had to make an appearance.

Kathleen had never been to Buc-ee's, so taking care of myself sort of went out the window yesterday, but that's okay.  One day won't make my pants too tight.

I am also almost two feet into Agnes' scarf, and the yarn looks great when it's knitted up...I have never used the yarn before, so there's always that moment of "What if it was just the yarn ball that was pretty?"  But all is well on that front, too.

The second store sample is plowing right along...I hope to be finished before the end of the week before I go back to being a Walmartian on weekends.  Also, over 160 people have viewed the Scarf Series package...let me let you in on a few secrets:  Some of the yarns that will be used are Louisa Harding, Lion Brand, Cascade 220, and Halo.  There...I hope that tidbit tied you over.  Please keep sending the link on to your friends and family...everyone has a scarf person in their lives!

I don't know what to write for the site this week, but I have two stories in mind, so I might just write both.  Oh, and the super-secret project?  I can't talk more about it, but it turns out that speaking of Cascade, they have pretty much every color I need in the weight I'm looking for.  EEEEE!

Have a good week!

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