Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Things Never Get Old

Good morning, blogosphere.  After wrapping up the lace pattern four days EARLY (which, as you know, is my New Year's Resolution), I somehow had infected Adobe software, or glitchy Adobe software, or whatever the case may be.  I called upon my tech-ey friend Ed, who did the Chicago-accented "Lemme see it" when I told him what I thought was wrong.

I did what I thought was right first.  I uninstalled the software.  Duh.  The security scan didn't come up with anything that couldn't be removed, so what's the problem?  Then, I tried to reinstall it.  It's free software...this (on my level anyway) isn't rocket science. Uninstall, reinstall.  Got it.  It wouldn't let me reinstall.  So then I re-checked what version I removed to see if maybe it was a different version than the latest one.  Nope.

Hence, Ed.  He told me some driver was incorrect on it.  Or something.  I tend to stop listening about computer stuff because unlike cars, I have no desire to be self-sustained in that area.  While we were talking about my little Adobe problem, he started trying to sell me a television.  Not going to happen.  But either way, I'm bringing it to him this afternoon...he took a gander at it last weekend and said he knew what he needed to do, but it might take up to two hours.  I didn't have two hours.  Today I do.  One meeting at 9:30am, and then a meeting in Villa Park if I make it, and then Ed's going to town on my software.

That looks way dirtier than I meant it.

Anyway, It pisses me off that I have no proof I was actually AHEAD of the game this month, but all is well...I will just have to prove myself in March!  I'm on a roll, knitting-wise, and I may even finish the Lion Brand From Rowan Pattern Sweater tomorrow.  If I can fit big projects in between my yearlong scarf challenge (and by the way, this is where you are supposed to forget that the sweater is made on size 13 needles), then I'm just that much more awesome.

And this was on top of missing moms, drug issues, apathetic boyfriends and girlfriends, rainwater, and some lace work.  I think I need a nap.

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