Sunday, March 11, 2012

Knitting and Shaving For A Good Cause

Shaving?  Yes, you read that correctly.  I can hear my Texas friends gasping all the way from here.

Good morning!  I have a friend at work who has a ten-year-old daughter.  This kid has never known a child with cancer, never been really sick herself (other than some really funny head-lice stories, which I'm pretty sure SHE does not find funny), and doesn't have a reason to shave her head for St. Baldrick's other than that she wants to help.  Me too...I'm inspired.

So on the 24th of March, I'm going to O'Malley's Pub on the northwest side to shave my head in solidarity for kids with cancer.  I myself am a two-time champ of cancer survival, so this head-shaving thing is old hat.  But if I can do something for others, I'd like to.  Here's my donation page if anyone is interested:

My fundraising goal is a thousand bucks, but of course I'd be happy with $5,000 also...

So this week's Knit Tips Tuesday...and the following one...will be dedicated to knitting for cancer patients, chemo caps, that sort of thing.

And this week's knitting will be dedicated to all scarves, all the time, of course!  I have two currently on the needles, and Tiny E has one of them also on the needles but I haven't heard her progress yet.  Either way, both of them are easy-peasy compared to last month's lacy thing.  On the other hand, I should be dedicating my knitting to "finishing."  See, that sweater I was making?  Yeah...half a sleeve is sewn in.  In other words, you have to sew two sleeves into the shoulders, and then a seam on each side from the bottom of the sweater to the tip of the sleeve.  I have half of one sleeve sewn in.  Break my heart.

I'm also trying to expand my horizons by crocheting a giant granny square blankie.  I'm trying to get rid of cheapo yarns I have lying around, and what better way to practice crochet by doing it on yarn that I can rip out time and time again?  It's about six inches in diameter at the moment...I'm FLYING, I tell you.

My "before" picture is on my St. Baldrick's page...take a gander and just know that while you're breathing in and out, wishing I wasn't making my supermodel hair go away, but two things you should know:  hair is a bona-fide renewable resource, and these kids need our money and my hair way more than I do.  Thanks for reading...I can't wait until the middle of next week (meaning a week and a half from now) when I get to post my newest Scarf Pattern of the Month.  It weighs nothing.  At all.  I wore it twice before giving it to another friend at work for her wedding.  Sigh.

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