Monday, March 12, 2012

Time to Freaking Finish

Here's my plan for the day.  I'm going to Starbucks.  I've already had my tea but I'm going to have my normal venti Orange Blossom, and I'm not picking up my butt from the chair until my sweater seams are sewn.  The dog food purchase can wait, the scarf sample can wait, the new pattern I have floating around in my head can wait...

The pit bulls...well, the fat white one for sure, and the red one possibly...are sleeping.  They won't miss me.  But I can't sit in this house and see one sleeve on the dining room table and the rest of the sweater on the chair for one more minute.  Watch me go.

The St. Baldrick's event is only two weeks away, so I'm sorry to bug people for donations on short notice, but Tracey's daughter was my inspiration.  I can't help the whimsy-factor.  Anyway, please forward this on to any knitters (or people who like giving gifts to knitters) in your life.  If they donate a minimum of $5.00 to my St. Baldrick's page, I will send them a FREE pattern from my Etsy shop.  Just make sure the donor sends me a message with what pattern they would like.  It does NOT include the pattern being released on 3/20, but any other one on my page is fair game.

Here is the St. Baldrick's page:

And here is the Etsy page:

Now just you can check up on me later this evening if you'd like, but I WILL have completed that sweater.  I'm not leaving my wooden chair at Starbucks (unless I have to pee, but that's a VERY brief stop) until that thing is complete.  GO.

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