Monday, July 25, 2011

How's THIS for backward?

In case it matters, as I really do want to keep my standing with these people positive, all names and references to individuals have been removed.  I would appreciate your respect in NOT mentioning names in the comments section if you happen to have more information about my life than the average reader.

So yesterday, I was on break at work.  Basically, I walked through the break room, went into the manager's resource room (in other words, a tiny office with two chairs where managers pick up their mail), pulled out my bag, propped my feet up on the desk, grabbed a Gatorade and some yarn, and started knitting.  Someone higher than me at my workplace passed me and asked what I was doing.  I pondered for a millisecond before I said, "I'm just being alone."

Apparently, not only was that the wrong answer, but it was the wrong action.  I was called into an office today to talk about the incident from yesterday.

So here it is the fourth paragraph, and you're saying to yourself, "What incident?"

I was asked about my circumstances surrounding what I was doing when this person walked by me, and how I was giving off an attitude that I didn't have a care in the world and I'd do whatever I wanted.  I was told that this person had never seen anyone else in the building display themselves in that manner, and then this person asked me, "So have YOU ever seen that sort of carefree behavior before? What are people supposed to think when they walk past you?"

My response was as follows:

"I didn't mean to offend you.  I was on break, my legs hurt because one of them is longer than the other and I'm not allowed to wear my roller-bottom shoes anymore, and I was trying to unwind.  I've had several people walk past me and never say that my feet on a desk in a room nobody sees is offensive.  But to answer your question, you asked me if I have ever seen such a display of 'I don't care' behavior in this building.  I see it every time I see people congregating in the Smoking Breakroom." 

I think smoking is disgusting and it kills people and I can't think of a single positive thing to say about it.  But I also think that knitting in the breakroom with my associates, who I am sure need a break from ME at that point, is equally disgusting in their eyes.

But feet on the desk or not, knitting doesn't hurt anybody.

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