Friday, July 8, 2011

My Goals and Dreams Are More Feeble Than Yours

When I was packing for Chicago, or when I pack for any trip, the big dilemma is always deciding what yarn to bring versus how much I can actually get knitted.  I have this habit of packing six balls of yarn for four projects, two to start and two to finish, because you NEVER know.  Thing is, though, you do know.  Unless I am knitting on crack, I can't make that many knots in such a limited time.

So this time around, I brought the shop sample to finish, the thin headband (I finished the thick one), and another ball so I can see about designing a shawl pattern with it.  So I AM growing...I only brought one size of needles with me.  The problem is actually the headband...all I have left to do is the i-cord, and I'm not feeling motivated enough to do it.  Four stitches, sixty rows.  I could train a monkey to do it.

So my goal, by hook or by crook, is to just finish the headband because I'm tired of looking at the lonely thing on the needle like that.  I'm borderline ashamed of myself that I couldn't just stop at a Starbucks and finish it over a cup of tea, bring it into a restaurant and finish it while I waited for my food, finish it in stop-and-go traffic (I am not condoning knitting while driving...but yesterday, I spent the vast majority of my time in "stop" due to an accident during rush hour)...

The shop sample may not be finished by the time I get back on Monday, but it will be well over halfway done.  That's all I can ask's a complicated stitch pattern and the finished version is six and a half feet long.  The other ball...well...I have to have the idea first.  I might just start knitting and see what I come up with.  It's sock yarn so it's a good ball to rip back repeatedly and not worry about turning the yarn into a wormy pile of poo.

I am also writing an article for about knitting for the holidays, so stay tuned!

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