Friday, July 22, 2011

Project update: Day Three

It's official...I have no will-power.  The good news is that I have self-control...the bad news is that the limit on it is not zero.

So, I have the last thirteen inches left of the shop sample to shouldn't take more than an hour or so because the rows are less than thirty stitches at this point.  As I say at work, "Can I get an EEEEEEE?!"  I'll knock that sucker out on the train, despite the fact that I usually have a rule not to read a pattern on the train.

Then, I finished the first ball for the garment.  This may not sound like that big of a deal, but garter stitch sometimes just feels like it takes forever.  I am very proud of myself...I am only about ten inches from a Kitchener Stitch.  For you non-knitters, Kitchener Stitch is my worst nightmare...even worse than socks...because it involves sewing in a particular direction to make something look like it was knitted continuously.  I flat-out don't have the brain for it, but once it's done, it's DONE.

Finally, Elizabeth down at Knot Just Knits is having her sidewalk sale this weekend.  I saw this ball of yarn that I thought would make an excellent shawl, and this ribbon yarn that I thought would make an excellent SOMETHING but I currently have no ribbon yarn in my stash.  So for less than the average bill at Leona's (seriously!), I purchased each of them and started a shawl with the first ball.  The best news ever (well, in my little world) is that it's superwash, so I can keep ripping out and re-knitting and I don't have to worry about the strand I'm working on turning into this hard piece of twine!

I have actually accomplished more here than I thought I would, including the other non-knitting stuff.  Today is my last day...I have to make it count.

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