Thursday, July 21, 2011

Project update for Day Two

So, yesterday I spent a lot of time jumping in and out of Alex's car and smelling mold and old's a long story.  On the heels of that, I stopped by Knot Just Knits to say hi to Elizabeth, and ended up instead hanging out with knitting teacher extraordinaire, Sue Jaffe.  She's nothing short of fabulous...if you have a question about a technique, pattern, or general yarn issue, ask Sue.  This girl has her poop together and she's about as nice as nice gets.

I did, however, finish yet another pattern repeat on the shop sample.  Since I'm on the decrease side, it's going faster and out, knitting world!  You're about to see a super-pretty scarf!  I hope to finish it today but it all depends on how much time I spend outdoors.  It was 103 degrees when I arrived at 5914 N Elston yesterday.  Mohair and profuse humidity and sweat are not a good match.

Today, I hope to finish the shop sample (damn, am I ambitious), and I am planning on over-caffeinating so I can hop in and out of Alex's car again.  I'm also going to stop by two yarn shops and talk to the owners about stories I want to write, and call a lady about a shawl.  Ooh...and I'm hoping to write stuff down that's been in my head, before the stitch patterns in me disappear forever.

I bet none of you even knew that I had stitch patterns in me!

And the big news of the article from yesterday's got certified as local, which may not sound like a big deal but it means that they pay me more.  It also means my article ended up on their four-story flash rotation on their front page.  Get me a fedora with a card in it that says "SCOOP!"

Thanks as always for your support...;-)

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