Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yarn Pictures All Over the Place

Good afternoon!  I have of course been knitting up a storm, and I have been trying to write up a storm as well, but I have had a case of the mushes.

Brainwise, I mean.

So here is the most recent article for, about Children's Memorial Hospital and the wonderful parents' program they have for knitting lessons:

As proof that I finished the store sample for Yarntopia, here is a photo:

Huh?  What?  You're impressed?  Because so was I...I was knitting it at the yarn store and the other ladies think I'm nuts for doing that in front of others.  Lace is usually not knitted in groups.  But hey...I live on the edge.  I had so much fun, I decided to knit another store sample by the same designer, Laura Patterson...

And then this is what I decided to do with the Trekking Hands that I bought at Knot Just Knits in Oak Park, Illinois.  I know it looks like a bad thong to non-knitters, but you have to be able to see the potential in it.  I'm feeling lucky that it's actually going to work, yo!

Below are all of the places you can find my stuff on the web.  Incidentally, the first picture is from a pattern called Niobe, which has several double-yarn-overs in it (that's how you make bigger holes instead of smaller holes).  My internal dialoge when I'm knitting lace goes something like this...see if you can spot where the double-yarn-over is and why I have to have a giggle-fest if I'm in the incorrect mood for it:

"Slip one, yarn back, knit knit knit, yarn over, slip slip knit, knit, yo yo, knit knit, knit two together, yarn over..."

Yep.  I'm all about the yo yo.

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