Tuesday, August 9, 2011

All's Well That Ends Well?

I don't need yarn.  Nobody really NEEDS yarn, unless he or she is currently naked and holding a pair of knitting needles...STAT!  But I'm still contemplating what kind of yarn I should buy with my impending store credit at Yarntopia.

Here's why that's funny:  I have six more rows to knit of the second scarf.  Six.  Total.  Times 39 stitches.  If it takes me more than twenty minutes, it's because I stopped for coffee.  Then, I have to attach the first piece to the second piece (it's knitted in two parts) by a method called Kitchener Stitch.  It's actually very easy once you succeed at three or four stitches, or at least enough to prove to yourself that you are not just letting everything fall off of your needle in a loopy mess.  The problem is that I have to pull out the directions every time I do it.  It's a crutch.

When I first read the pattern, I had that devious moment of, "Ooh...I'll just read the pattern rows backwards and keep knitting!  Who would know?"  People would come up to the sample and say, "WOW!  Great Kitchener Stitch!" and the joke would be on them.  But then the real me kicked in, and I decided to keep the integrity of the pattern.  Sheesh.

After finishing my six rows, then I just have to block it.  The yarn is cotton and cashmere...it will block beautifully, assuming I don't over-stretch it and end up with little bumps all over the edges.  But I don't care...I will still go to the yarn store at ten this morning, like I do every Tuesday I'm in Texas, and mentally spend my credit despite the scarf that has one half shorter than the second half and...well...the two halves are not currently connected.

They may actually BE connected by the time I get there...it's early.  Oh, and in case you missed it, the yarn is called "Aimee," which is why it was kismet that I knitted the sample.

Either way, I am still working on the shawl I'm designing, plus I have a friend that wants me to design a lacy pattern for a shrug that she wants to make.  Picturing it in my head is one thing, but I have to sit down and write it; Kathleen is pretty awesome, but even she can't read a pattern via telepathy.

So hopefully my stash will be a wash this week...I'll knit through the shawl, the shop sample, and the garment in my backpack, and then I'll get that-sized equivalent in yarn from the store using my credit.

And then, as always, it's back to the desk for examiner.com and back to the drawing board for a few other projects I have had mulling around in my head.

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