Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Can Multiply and Divide, But...

Every Tuesday morning, I am a zombie.  My job involves me standing on concrete with no air conditioning from Saturday to Monday, 4:45am to 7:15pm every day, moving boxes and carts and researching SKU numbers.  While I am not needed every single weekend like clockwork, it IS my job, so I usually fly to Chicago Tuesday through Friday.

Except this week.  So I'm missing both STITCHES Midwest and the Chicago Yarn Crawl.  That's like a kid missing the Super Bowl because he has too much homework.

So here I am in Texas, with my husband making fun of me because he thinks my passion for knitting is rooted in mathematics.  I'll admit, I am a fan of math.  I don't care if it's dorky...I like figuring out the cost of my grocery cart with sales tax added before I get to the checkout line.  And yes, I do actually enjoy figuring out if I have enough yarn for something by weighing what I have left and multiplying the number of stitches I have made per gram of yarn.

But here's the thing:  I can't count.  At all.  I have to rip out the sleeves of the big-needle knit because I was looking at them and thinking, "Why don't the increases go in a straight line?"  The answer is simple.  Why count to...say...37 when I can just count in the VICINITY of 37, or use other stitches as my clue to turn around and go back?

See, there is a reason that designers write patterns.  A pattern is something you can copy and expect to get a similar result as others.  So by not counting, perhaps I could have anticipated wonky sleeves?

So yeah...I have to fix that today.

I have a project this week that I'm hoping to start, and I don't think my dogs are going to be happy about it because it's so hot here.  More to come, but that's all I'm saying for now.

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