Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sweet Home Chicago Knitting Classes

Did you catch the title?  That's this week's article in, found here:

Yesterday, while I didn't finish the big-needle-knit jacket, I did tie off the sleeves.  That is a big moment for knitters, so while the rest of the world thinks I'm nuts, I am assuming that knitters everywhere are clanking their needles together in support.

Also, I posted my blog from yesterday on Ravelry, and many people disagreed with my idea for kids' prayer shawls.  I'm a bit surprised...don't get me wrong, because I still want more feedback and this idea is in the infancy stages...mostly because I think people were looking at the letter and not the concept.  Great suggestions have come out of it so far, including knitting other items for kids such as toys and blankies.  I was under the assumption that prayer shawls and blankies tended to get donated together, as many boys are just not shawl wearers.  I also see shawls as not always a fashion garment; prayer shawls (as they are often called...they don't have to be blessed and they don't even have to be real color-coordinated lace shawls to offer comfort), as I see it, is an "I made this because I want you to know I'm thinking about you and I care about you" item.  In that case, anything can be knitted and donated, so maybe I'll just consider expanding the idea a bit.

Not that you all had to be here for that line (not a straight one, really) of consciousness, but I still would like as much feedback as I can garner before refining and going ahead with whatever the final project will be.

Today, I need to write some ideas down on paper before they disappear from my head.

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