Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who Wants To Do Something Charitable?

So, I have a new boss at work.  This is actually my third boss in six weeks, but usually when my employer makes changes, they are more on a rolling basis...I pretty much saw it coming.  The new boss is sort of the volunteerism champion at my place of business...she organizes our team for Relay For Life every year, encourages associates to get company money for their volunteer efforts, and separate from that, she's just a really good person.

One thing we do at work is save the pop-tops from pop cans to donate to Ronald McDonald House for their RMHC Pop Tab Program.  See, the collection of these pop-tops is a recycling effort, since the amount of aluminum in the pop-top is worth more than the rest of the can, considering space efficiency.  Well, my new boss wants to take this one step further.

Incidentally, I didn't know what a soda-water tab was when I moved here, mostly because the Texan who used the phrase to me pronounces it "sodawudder tab."  I pulled out my mental English-to-Texas translation sheet, and it turns out he was saying "pop-top" in Texan.

Anyway, my boss wants to start donating items to Ronald McDonald house...she has a very special place in her charitable heart for the organization, partly because she had a three-year-old daughter who died of a childhood cancer several years ago.  She asked me if I would be interested in donating knitted hats for kids and other items along with her donations.  I believe my exact response was something along the lines of "Hell to the YES!", but I don't usually use that phrase...I might have been more professional and classy in answering.

So I thought this might be a good time to kick off the Children's Prayer Shawl Ministry.  I need to do more research, but my idea was to bust through the stashes of knitters everywhere, create three or four easy shawl patterns that are little-people sized, and have people make mismatched shawls from leftover yarn from other projects.  Thoughts?  Feelings?

Today, my plan is to almost finish (I'm not quite there enough to finish it) my big-needle sheep sweater.  Taking it off the needles to measure the sleeve armholes as a double-check...I trust my measurements but sometimes I would rather SEE it in person...and putting it back on the needles...took almost as long as knitting the top of it.  Hopefully, it will turn out cute...ha ha.

Then, I have one ball of yarn I bought to make a scarf for my real estate agent because...let's face it...I'm lucky she hasn't dropped me as a client yet.  Hopefully I'll start that tomorrow. 

Please do provide your feedback on my idea...I will do more research on my end, and if anyone already HAS research that would help me in this endeavor, please forward it my way!

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