Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcome to Santa Fe

Man...if Santa Fe doesn't inspire knitters, then knitters are truly hopeless.

I am here visiting my stepmom for a couple of days, and I'm vehemently fighting the urge to look up every local yarn store and fiber nut because I don't think it's fair of me to drag this woman's butt all over town on my behalf.  So instead, I brought a few projects and I'll just enjoy the scenery!

Here is the latest article on, about Idea Studio in La Grange.  The Reynolds ladies are hosting a Fiber Retreat this October in Union Pier, Michigan, a mere 95 miles from Chicago.  Now, my goal is to finalize my plans so I can go:

Projects I have with me this week include the garment out of the Lion Brand that I put down temporarily, partly because I was working on the store samples and partly because I was traumatized after accidentally felting my headband.  I also am completing my second store sample for Yarntopia, which is over half-finished.  I can knock out the other half and block it if I'm willing to compromise my sight-seeing in Santa Fe, but if not, I'll finish it over the weekend.  Finally, I have made progress on the shawl I'm designing, but that one involves...gulp...serious concentration.  And my attention span is about the same as a fruit fly.  Som I'm doing my best.  How is everyone doing this week?

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