Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Snowing!

So, here's the thing.  I'm a knitter...I should have wooly items all over the freaking place for days when it snows.  Today is the first major snowfall of the season, and I'm sitting here wondering where my gloves (WITH fingers, I'm talking) are, where a hat is...I know they are somewhere, but I might just have to buy some super-bulky yarn and make something and be done with it.

Anyway, if you're in Chicago or you live near a big-box retailer and need big-box yarn, here is a roundup of where to get a discount on it this week:

I, of course, am a much bigger fan of local yarn shops.  I used to own a small business, the yarns are beautiful and unique and it's stuff you couldn't get at a big-box retailer.  However, I do think big-box yarns have their purpose...I will test-knit new patterns on big-box yarn, and if I'm making something that I know will be totally abused, I might be more inclined to make it out of something that doesn't cost as much money (the tradeoff is that it doesn't FEEL as nice, but if it's a table runner and I live with two pit bulls who spill my coffee for me, this is a consideration).

I'm fighting with all I have to not buy more yarn...ha ha ha.  But I'm a foot into one sample, and the pattern for the other one is this ridiculous and complicated math algorhythm that's throwing me off.  Wait...I don't think I spelled that right...anyway, it's a lace pattern and the number of stitches is changing on a few rows, and I just don't have the bandwidth for it at the moment.

So maybe, just maybe, I should start another one of the samples...


Anyway, the snow is coming down so of course I have to think about knitting.  Wool and snow just sort of go together.  Teeny Jesus even got into the action, enjoying the falling snow from the top of the grill in the backyard:

Time to clean and get my yarn on!  Thanks as always for your sure to shop your Local Yarn Shop and tell them how much you appreciate their expertise.

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  1. Amy: Knit that poor baby a sweater and hat set for Pete sake! Better yet, maybe one of those cocoon sak thingys...