Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Teeny Jesus Phenomenon

Good evening!  I know I usually don't write this late...heck, I'm not even normally up this late...but I didn't get home from work until after my bedtime.  This is why I decided to post my free knitter's pin pattern as a Knit Tips Tuesday:


Anyway, I'm having too much fun with the Teeny Jesus project.  If you missed yesterday's photo, here he is posing with the girl who took my toll at the Elgin Toll Plaza:

See, I've been training in a store that's about 35 miles from my house, and while that commute wasn't a big deal in Texas, it's freaking brutal in Chicago.  It's okay, though...it's only temporary.

I started knitting another scarf sample for the Scarf Pattern of the Month series, and the guy at Subway was fascinated.  I actually think he liked the color of the yarn way better than the actual knitting, but whatever...I can attract a weirdo wherever I go, so at least if I'm doing it with knitting needles in my hand, I'm protected.

And true to my word, I am doing my best to get ahead.  Now, it's only been three days into the new year, but I'm already more ahead than I normally am on my New Year's Resolutions.  Stay tuned tomorrow, for an article centered solely on what knitters are resolving to do in 2012.  I am going to try and get everything ELSE done tomorrow, so I can knit like a non-stop nutcase on Thursday and Friday.  See?  I'm getting ahead!

Not only that, but I'm hoping to write out all...ALL...of the patterns by the end of the month so they can be test-knitted.  Ambitious, I know, but I have another project up my sleeve and I want to get to it as soon as possible.  That, and I have a lot of worsted-weight yarn and want to start plowing through other weights, like super-chunky.  I need a quick knit, and it's January!  I could wear what I make right away!

Good night...here is Teeny Jesus monitoring the boss' computer:

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