Sunday, January 29, 2012

There Is A Dog Under My Laptop

It's my first non-holiday Sunday off, and I don't know what to do with myself.  So far, it has to do with knitting, the husband, and a dog being used as a lap desk.  Don't believe me?

So yeah.  I'm trying to concentrate, but it won't be easy.  My laptop keeps rising and falling with the breath of the killer pit bull.

But I have a plan...the next Scarf Pattern of the Month, quite obviously, gets released on Wednesday, February 1.  I have my laptop to finish putting the pattern together (with pictures, charts, and silly comments), and I think I'm pretty well done with the next pattern also.  Because of the one I started at the beginning of the month but switched to the "new" February one, this actually puts me ONE MONTH AHEAD.  Look at that, ladies and plan is falling into place...

But there is still the matter of the dog.  If Bluto doesn't wake up and sleep somewhere else, I'll have a hard time taking advantage of the fact that I have opposable thumbs.  If I get up, he'll probably just follow me, and if not, it will still take me an hour to get that useless cute weight off of my legs.  I'm swamped.

Either way, I'm excited about the coming week.  I have a knitting event to cover, a new Knit Tips Tuesday to publish on...well...Tuesday, and just a lot of happy and yarny stuff.  Oh, and I think I'll use the rest of my Lion Brand Fisherman's wool to make a kitty bed for Axl...his tent is okay, but it's not made with love.  Axl should have something made with love.  That, and I really want to felt something...

And on a completely separate note, I know that retail isn't exactly a glamorous profession, but what a lot of people fail to realize (I think) is that there is a lot of strategic capitalism involved in my job.  In other words, the combo of being nice, getting the best out of my people, and making the most profitable products look appealing is what makes retail companies money.  I'm practicing, and I hope I'm succeeding.  No, I'm not a door-greeter.  Please stop making fun of my job because I do NOT just look for a bouncy smiley-face and watch my double-digit IQ go down the tubes.  I think my measurement of success will be the day I can stop defending my career path and my employer.  There...I feel better.

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