Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This Post Shall Be Titled "Titled"

So here we are, with another day off come and gone and a lot to have been accomplished.  Looking back, the problem is two-fold:

1.  My expectations are too high
2.  I'm sick and I NEVER get sick

So now I'm cranked out, and instead of GETTING a lot done I'm THINKING ABOUT getting a lot done.  Yes, it's half the battle, but it's the wrong half.

My doctor did, in fact, see me two hours early yesterday.  So I have that going for me.  When I was in the exam room, I asked the nurse, "Am I allowed to pull out my wool yarn in this sterile room?"  She said yes, as long as I didn't put it on the instrument table.  Well, I saw what was on the instrument table.  I also know she placed those items on said table before I entered the room, and I assure you that there are certain places where I would not want stray bits of wool, either.

Then, I finished another foot of the next test-knit and what makes me pissy is that my other test-knitter actually finished it before I did.  That, my friends, is not right.  I should know any mistakes before she does...she should just knit it and tell me (by then) if it's easy to read, and I should have worked out all of the math mistakes.  Apparently, there were none at least, and the only feedback I got was to change the odd and even numbered rows because the first row should have been the last row.  I did.  She knitted a swatch (yes, she's THAT far ahead of me...I'm doing the version before this change) and said to leave it like it was. 

Anyway, with the other pattern all I have left to do is the math.  For most people, it's the hardest part.  For me, the deciding is the hardest part.  So I'm sailing along on that front.

Here is your weekly dose of Knit Tips Tuesday...it's all about the short row, and it's the third in a series of shaping posts:


Today, I see green tea and yarn in my future.  Why do anything home-related when I can go outside, get cozy, and just knit all day?  Tomorrow is the domestic day anyway...if I don't do laundry, I will be forced to show up at work in camoflauge shorts and an Oscar the Grouch tee shirt.  While I did buy the tee shirt at Walmart several years ago, I just don't think it's dress-code compatible.  Have a good day!

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