Monday, January 23, 2012

This Post Shall Be Called "Untitled"

Good morning, everyone...I have to take a field trip to a doctor today (actually not because I can't shake this cold-and-flu thing I have, but for something else), and then I have to go to my tenant's place on Ogden because...and I quote..."the thermostat face plate has a mind of its own."  After further probing, I gathered that either the unit needs a new battery and the tenant is too afraid to take off the face plate, or it's possesses and something needs to be exorcised from there anyway.

More on that later.  Like, in July or so.

Anyway, now that my schedule is stable, I'm looking at actually, you know, getting things done on my days off.  That was, of course, before asking a plumber to root my pipes and seven thousand dollars later getting everything replaced under the house.  So since I'd never ask anyone for money, but everyone says, "Let me know what I can do to help," here's what you can do:

1.  Tell people to read my column.  I get paid by the click and I don't care if they know about knitting or has MANY other topics to explore after mine.
2.  Tell people to buy my patterns.  Yes, I know this one is more of a longshot.
3.  Tell people to shop at the Walmart in Villa Park, Illinois.

See?  Other than the buying knitting patterns and reading articles and driving to a specific Walmart instead of going to the one closest to your house, these are things you are already doing!

That said, I plan on being a knitting and pattern-writing fiend today.  Here's why.  The next scarf I'm designing is a bit complicated, and as I was putting the finishing touches on the pencil-and-graph paper version yesterday, I realized something.  I ran out of little squares.  This means I can do nothing but bust out the Excel spreadsheet, otherwise known as "the place with an infinite number of squares.  So for those of you who subscribe to my pattern series, count the number of stitches on graph paper from top to bottom, and know that one scarf will have more stitches than that.  But to be fair, just BARELY.

I might leave for the doctor's office early so I can sit there and abuse his free wi-fi.  Then, I also get a better chance of getting in early...I'm his last appointment of the day, so lord knows how late the appointment will actually be.

Last night, I was at work until 11pm.  Teeny Jesus busted out to hang on the dashboard and keep me safe on the drive home, I think.  It's also possible that he was being a diva and was offended that I was taking his photo so late in the day, I don't know.  But here he is...sometimes I like to be downright artsy when it comes to Teeny Jesus:

Also, here is the January pattern for the scarf series...they are made available to non-subscribers on the 20th of every month:

See you tomorrow, when another episode of Knit Tips Tuesday hits the airwaves!

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