Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January: The New March

Why, you ask?  Because it came in like a Lion and is apparently going out like a Lamb!  If I'm reading the news correctly, it's supposed to be in the sixties today?  Really?  In Chicago?

I'm not really a fan of that in the middle of the winter, since changing weather seems to make germs breed like crazy and everybody gets sick, but whatever.  I can't complain.

Here is your newest edition of Knit Tips Tuesday, about cables:


I can hear all of the snickering from Katy.  See, I prefer to use a cable needle.  I dont'  know if I necessarily NEED to use one, but I prefer it.  I'm more of a death-grip knitter and the last thing I need to do is rip out cable stitches just by sliding them off of the needle.  But the women of Katy know that the best way to shut me up is to have me work on a cable pattern.  I tend to put the cable needle in my mouth and then I can't talk during that row.  I'm a great listener, however.

Today, I have to take photos of the February Scarf Pattern of the Month Series piece.  Tiny E, my test-knitter, finished it over two weeks ago but she doesn't want me photographing her test-knits, thereby forcing me to knit them for myself, anyway.  They do, however, hang in her store, so I have that going for me.  I will drop just a teeny hint about February's scarf...I used Loretta's "nose to thumb" method to measure the red sections.

Tonight, I'm going to Mrs. Murphy and Sons Irish Bistro for the inaugural meeting of the Bistro Knitters...I am guessing it will be more of a meat-eating event than a vegan event, but whatever.  It's knitting and I can always get french fries.  Here's the article I wrote on it...tell your Chicago friends to join us, whether or not they knit, because the food alone is worth it:


Then...and I haven't decided yet about March...it's time to bust out the lace.  I feel some Filatura di Crosa Superior in my future.  And after whipping through most of the back of that Rowan sweater I was making, of course I haven't touched it since then.  I have a problem.  Well, several.

In other news, mom, the husband, and I saw "One For The Money" the other night.  If you read the Janet Evanovich books, you will like it...it sticks very closely with the book.  Sherri Shepherd was perfect as Lula also...she alone is worth the price of admission.  Have a good day!

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